Talk Presented At The New Zealand Skeptics Conference #NZSkepConf

Firstly, huge thanks to Gerald U, for encouraging the podcast and leading me to wear a very nice suit for my talk. I hope to have a photo of it up online soon!

Video reference: The Strange Power of the Placebo Effect by Daniel Keogh

Other online from talk:

We Are The Media: Amanda Palmer and the Online Revolution – Eye Candy Journal

Crispian Jago – Skeptic Trumps. Thanks to Crispian for permission to use these!

Dr Karen Stollznow

Dr Eugenie Scott

Dr Richard Wiseman

Hayley Stevens

Sharon Hill

Alom Shaha

Daniel Loxton

Tim Minchin

Ben Goldacre

On Podcasting – interview with Dr Pamela Gay and Fraser Cain

Curiouser and Curiouser – transcripts and essays based on the podcast.

Lamar M Keene – The Psychic Mafia

Professor Ray Hyman

Token Skeptic podcast – of course. Sorry if I mentioned it often, but it’s pretty much the online repository of my research and interviews

Science Communication:

Inspiring Australia


Science in Public

Will Grant and Merryn McKinnon: science literacy surveys not the answer

iTunes Top Science Podcasts

The Incomplete Map of the Cosmic Genome

Engaging the unengaged in science? Try a little harder – Dr Craig Cormick

The ‘impact’ of research carries weight (but ripples matter more) – The Conversation

Towards an Australian science policy of ends, not just means – The Guardian

Episode Twenty-Six – On Chronic Illness, Deaf Culture And Skepticism – Interview With Joey Haban

Episode One Hundred And Sixty Seven – On Being Chronically Skeptical

I Fucking Love Science event  – and transcript

Discovery Channel fucking loves science, will make that a show – AV Club

ScienceRewired on AudioBoo

Young Australian Skeptics


Episode One Hundred And Sixty Nine – On Memes, Blogs And Videos: How Social Media Has Transformed The Way We Communicate Science

Science and Politics: 

Retreating to the Church of Anti-Vaccination – Curiouser and Curiouser, June, 2013.

Australia 2013: Not a very ‘sciencey’ election – The Guardian

Abbott vows to cut futile research – The Daily Telegraph

Guess who defines ‘waste’ in ARC-funded research – The Conversation

Critical Thinking and Philosophy:

Bridge 8 and critical thinking resources

Federation of Australian Philosophy in Schools

365 Days of Philosophy


Episode One Hundred And Nineteen – On Evolution In Action With Brilliant Bioluminescence – Interview With Siouxsie Wiles

Episode One Hundred And Forty Two – On Women In Science And Wikipedia – Interview With Professor Uta Frith

Sense about Science – resources

Embiggen Books



No Chicks No Excuses

100 Interesting Atheists in Britain who aren’t Old, White Men

The ABC’s contribution to science and communication

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Episode One Hundred And Sixty Nine - On Memes, Blogs And Videos: How Social Media Has Transformed The Way We Communicate Science

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