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Episode Two Hundred And Twenty Nine – Internet Tests, Manus Island And Podcast Trends

Free WIFI – two words that many people love to hear. But how many people read the terms and conditions before they connect to it?

Accessing wireless points that you don’t know where it originates from can be risky and harmful to your confidential information.

Edith Cowan University researchers did some testing by setting up some rather interesting WIFI networks around Perth… and Dr Krishnun Sansurooah joined me to tell us how it went.


About a month ago, the Manus Island Regional Processing Centre closed down. More than a thousand displaced refugees are now left in a vulnerable state after being moved to an alternative location.

As the tensions surround the island’s Regional Processing Centre grow, many of Australia’s senior doctors, psychiatrists and surgeons have written an open letter to the Federal Government, offering to treat the remaining asylum seekers and refugees for free. To tell us more about what’s happening is the Communications Director of the Refugee Council of Australia’s Tim O’Connor.


James Cridland is a radio futurologist – investigating trends in radio, which is a broad landscape these days!

Recently he’s Tweeted about radio intimacy, links to resilience of radio despite the trends, and getting lost in Brisbane on the way to the studio.

I subscribe to his PodNews emails and it’s always interesting to see what’s happening – I talked to him about what caught his ear recently.


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