Here’s the book for the podcast, featuring twenty chapters of interviews and essays – documenting my adventures world-wide from five years of podcasting! The Scope of Skepticism: Interviews, Essays and Observations from the Token Skeptic Podcast, in both e-book and paperback, now out at and on

With over a hundred interviews conducted for the Token Skeptic podcast, one question remains open: what makes a skeptic a skeptic?

From Stephen Fry to Tim Minchin, Dr Pamela Gay to the Global Atheist Convention – The Scope of Skepticism is a collection of interviews and essays with some of the world’s most entertaining and intriguing people – providing food for thought on everything from paranormal claims, sex and relationships, education, art, science and faith.

Interviews include: Joey Haban, Caroline Watt, Tim Minchin, Stephen Fry, Daniel Loxton, Jennifer Ouellette, Desiree Schell, Sharon Hill, Julian Morrow, Scott Sigler, Indre Viskontas, Ben Radford, Lyz Liddell and more.

Reviews of this book has appeared in the Skeptical Inquirer and the UK and NZ Skeptic magazine.

Some online reviews of The Scope Of Skepticism:


Thanks to the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry, I have a regular column called ‘Curiouser and Curiouser‘, featured at the CSICOP website!

You can find many of the transcripts from the podcasts featured at the following links:

– The (Christmas) Season For Reason With Young Critical Thinkers Interview with Laurie Tarr.

Waldorf Steiner and Education – Weird and (Not So) Wonderful Schools – Interview with Andy Lewis.

– Decoding Immortality and Jabbed: Love, Fear and Vaccines – Interview with Sonya Pemberton.

–  If You Know Shuzi Like the Merseyside Skeptics Know Shuzi: Testing the Shuzi Sports Band Video – Interview With Mike Hall.

Interview with Robin Ince – Comedy, Skepticism, And Happiness Through Science.

– A Change For The Better: The Geek Manifesto – An Interview With Mark Henderson.

– Creationism, Accelerated Christian Education, and the Loch Ness Monster – Interview with Jonny Scaramanga.

– Leo Igwe—The Constant Fight Against Irrationality

– On Mythbusting Makeup – Interview with Perry Romanowski

– On An Honest Liar – Interview with Documentary Filmmakers of the James Randi story – Justin Weinstein and Tyler Measom

– World Skeptics Congress in Berlin – Interview with Amardeo Sarma, founder and chairman of the German Society for the Scientific Investigation of Para-Sciences (GWUP)

– On Stanislaw Burzynski, the Streisand Effect, and Standing Up for Skeptical Bloggers – Interview With Andy Lewis of Quackometer

– Codes Of Conduct II – Sexism, Skepticism and Civility Online: An Interview with Jennifer Ouellette

– From Ghost-Believing to Ghost-Busting with Project Barnum  – An Interview with Hayley Stevens

– Interview With Professor Richard Wiseman

– Spreading the Skeptical Word through Music and Comedy – An Interview With Tim Minchin

– Critical Thinking in the Classroom and Beyond – An Interview With Michael Blanford

– Speaking of Skeptical Activism – An Interview With Desiree Schell

– Science Fiction and Skepticism – An Interview With Scott Sigler

– 10:23 Campaign in 2011 – An Interview with Andy Wilson

– On The Invisible Gorilla – An Interview With Daniel Simons And Christopher Chabris

– On Great Skeptical Books – The First Embiggen Book Review Show Interview with Warren Bonett

– On Cognitive Dissonance And Hopeopathy – Interview With Professor Bruce M. Hood

– On Examination Superstitions (Token Skeptic)

– On Santa (Token Skeptic)

– Philosophising Children And Camp Quest UK – Interview With Samantha Stein (JREF website)













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