Well done to Gerry, who has won the #182 competition! The episodes in order are:

122 Several at Berlin world skeptics congress

123 Jonny Scaramanga

128 Robin Ince

130 Dr Pamela Gay and Fraser Cain

131 Sue Knight

136 Warren Bonett

139 Ashley Ng

142 Prof Uta Firth

IFLS Live in Oz  with Elise Andrew

170 Robin Ince and Trent Burton

165 Paul Offit

172 Daniel Loxton and Donald Prothero

175 I Immunise with Katie Attwell

168 Prof Brian Cox

144 Paul Fidalgo

159 Darryl Cunningham

146 Skeprechaun podcast

151 David Gorski

147 Laurie Tarr

150 Hiyaa podcast

153 Dr Emma Burrows

158 Skepticism in Tomania

154 Shelly Segal

Thanks to everyone who entered and thank you for your support of the show!

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