Direct link to the Libsyn Site that lists all the episodes with full details.

 The following will be updated periodically – every link takes you to the page of the interview with notes, links and mp3.

#215 – On The ConspiraSea Cruise – Interview With Colin McRoberts

#214 –  On CSIRO Cuts, 40 Days Of Love, And Magic At Perth’s FringeWorld

#213 – On Science And Sci-Fi Drama At FringeWorld And Arts Good For Health

Token Skeptic Perth Fest and Fringe Episode Three

Token Skeptic Perth Fest and Fringe Episode Two

Token Skeptic Perth Fest and Fringe Episode One

Urban Legendary Fifteen


Urban Legendary Fourteen

#211 – On Welcome To Night Vale And Chinese Medicine Under The Microscope

Urban Legendary Thirteen

#210 – On No Jab No Pay and The European Skeptics Podcast

#209 – On TEDxPerth 2015, Godzilla And The Story Of God

Urban Legendary Twelve

#208 – On The Unbreakable Miss Lovely, The Shonkey Awards And They Might Be Giants

#PodcastDay Special Episode

#207 – On Water Found on Mars, Adventures in the Anthropocene and The Science Show

#206On Alma Sana and An Atmosphere Of Hope

Urban Legendary Eleven

#205 – On National Science Week (Part Two)

#204 – On National Science Week At #PerthScienceFestival

#203 – On After The Gold Rush, Skeptical Archaeology And Light For Riley

Urban Legendary Ten

#202 – On Uranium: Twisting The Dragon’s Tail, Surveillance And Killer AI

#201 – EOn Pluto, Discovery Centre And The Podcast Science Vs

Urban Legendary Nine

#200 – On Tesla, Scientology, Psychics – And Skepticism

#199 – On Skepticism 101 With John Scalzi, Daniel Midgley and Kylie Sturgess

Urban Legendary Eight

#198 – On Conferences And FameLab Competitions

Urban Legendary Seven

AtheistAus Podcast Episode Three

#197 – On The Escapist – Interview With Lawrence Leung

#196 – On International Women’s Day

AtheistAus Podcast Episode Two

Urban Legendary Six

#195 – On Profs and Pints at the Perth Fringe Festival

#194 – On A Scientist In Wonderland – Interview With Edzard Ernst

#193 – On The Unholy Trinity Downunder

Urban Legendary Five – Kinda Thinky

#192 – On Art, Vaccinations, Comedy And Cancer


#191 – On Filming A Year Without God And Gene Patenting In Australia

Urban Legendary Four

Pilot Episode of the AtheistAus Podcast

Urban Legendary Three

#190 – On Psychic Awareness Month With Michael Marshall

#189 – On Ada Lovelace Day With Suw Charman-Anderson

#188 – On An Honest Liar With James Randi

#187 – On The Society For Science Based Healthcare

#186 – AFFBR Talk At MONA By Raphael Lataster

#185 –  On ExpeRimental And Wikibombing For ScienceWeek

Urban Legendary Two – Interview With Joe Kleiman On “Blackfish”

#184 – On Safe And Secular – Interview With Michael De Dora

#183 – On The Atheist Alphabet And Trollhunter – Interview With Catherine Deveny

#181 – On The Checkout – Interview With Julian Morrow

#180 – On The State Of Skepticism – NZ Skeptics Convention 2013

#179 –  On Adventures At The #ASC14 – Skeptical Science, Brain Craft And The Science Of Immunisation

#178 – On Vaccine Risk Perceptions And Ad Hoc Risk Communication – An Interview With Professor Dan Kahan

#177 – On A Better Life – Interview With Chris Johnson

#176 – On Science Communication And Education – Ann Reid Of The NCSE

#175 – On I Immunise – Interview With Dr Katie Attwell

#174 – On Art And Science – Carbon Dating And The Society for Science-Based Medicine


Episodes prior to 2013 have been archived and may be available upon request

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