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Happy International Podcast Day!

It’s that day again – I’ve previously blogged (and podcasted!) about this particular day, but one of the great things about podcasting is that it continues to develop and change over time.

Here’s some recommendations that I have about podcasting, some I’ve hosted on my own site and some elsewhere. However you celebrate the day, please consider a review for the shows I do – not only Token Skeptic, but 365 Days Of Philosophy and Talk the Talk!

My tips for interviewing:

  • Why are you interviewing the person? Have a plan before contacting
  • Listen / pre-interview interviewee before you commit to having them on your show (prevents bad surprises!)
  • Plan your questions in advance – beginning, middle, end
  • Estimated 6 questions for 10 min interview if reasonably chatty (always have more!)
  • “The power of silence” – allow them to fill the gap. It’s not always necessary to pre-empt or interrupt
  • If don’t know something – ASK – listen during interview to ask the questions you didn’t prepare for!
  • Who / What / When / Where / Why / How – always the classics!
  • Exercise your skills with improvisational games with co-hosts – practice listening, encouraging – think of a strategy if you have co-hosts to allow balance and how everyone can contribute to the show

Anecdote (most likely just a myth!): John Lennon used to always have his D string slightly out of tune, so he could point out to his Aunt Mimi which guitar sound was his. When you’re part of a band – or a podcast team – make sure that your individual contributions count… how can you be fair to everyone participating? How can they be fair to you?

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