If you’re in Melbourne this Saturday at 5pm – come along! It’s a night of game show-style quiz panel AND a fun booklaunch of the Skeptical Blog Anthology Book!

The place to be? We’ll be starting at 5pm in Embiggen Books on 197-203 Lt Lonsdale St, Melbourne on Saturday, 3rd March – behind the State Library.

Be prepared for an evening of mind-puzzling quizzes, a battle of the brains panel, a live-podcast show and the opportunity to check out the premier rationalist and freethinking bookstore in the country. Many thanks to Catherine Donaldson of Faster Pussycat Productions for helping us put together the show!

The PseudoScientists is the official podcast of The Young Australian Skeptics. Here’s the team: Jack ScanlanRichard HughesJames CooperBelinda Annette NicholsonJason Ball and Elliot Birch.

The PseudoScientists podcast is a young skeptics panel show that investigates claims of the pseudoscientific and paranormal, making you laugh and think. Interviews featured have included Eugenie Scott, Dick Smith, Shelley Segal, James Randi, PZ Myers, George Hrab, Brian Dunning and Pamela Gay.

The booklaunch is for The Skeptical Blog Anthology, that has garnered an entry on the Scientific American site and the James Randi Educational Foundation Swift blog.

It features essays by: Dr Phillip Plait, Barbara Drescher, Dr Karen Stollznow, Sharon Hill, Dr Petra Boynton, Brian Thompson, Yau-Man Chan, Dr Chris French, Jack Scanlan, Laurie Tarr, Dr Amy Tuteur, Daniel Loxton, Jake Dickerman, Lisa Bauer, Desiree Schell, Michael Marshall, Andy Lewis, the Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe’s Evan Bernstein, Robert T Carroll and many others. Edited by Kylie Sturgess (the host of the evening), in association with the Young Australian Skeptics.

The last big gig that they hosted was the George Hrab Melbourne tour, and this is to be a similar don’t-miss experience. There’ll be fun prizes to be had and you can even be a part of the show! Since we’re starting early, there’ll be lots of time to chat, check out the bookstore and get other recommended reads from the team.

RSVP essential to events at embiggenbooks dot com or 9662 2062 – or even drop into the shop and let them know!

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