Episode One Hundred and Seventy Four (featuring a chat with Kyle Sanders from Carbon Dating and Dr Mark Crislip about the new The Society for Science-Based Medicine!) is out tomorrow…

…But first, here’s the first Patreon supported podcast out from Urban Legendary!

The show will be on iTunes very soon, at https://itunes.apple.com/au/podcast/urban-legendary-radio-show/id794505693.

In order to get the additional features from the show (more interviews! videos! behind-the-scenes stuff!), just sponsor at Patreon.com.

The First Urban Legendary Show!


Dr Singh will be appearing at Embiggen Books on the 20th January: http://www.embiggenbooks.com/blogs/embiggen-books/11392481-simon-singh-20th-jan-at-embiggen-books

Thanks to all the Patreon supporters!!

Music “Pushed Away” by Mitchell Gannon: https://soundcloud.com/mitchell-gannon; Ice Core Scientist: http://www.youtube.com/user/icecorescientist

Additional Voiceover by Pamela Quevillon: http://speakeasynarration.com/

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