Here’s another interview for IFLSLive, featuring during ScienceWeek in Australia! ScienceAlert & Powerhouse Museum present IFLS Live! An evening celebrating science at 500 Harris St, Ultimo, Sydney on the 12th August.

Canadian biologists and educators Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown take a unique approach to presenting biological concepts – and as founders and creators of ASAP Science, they have reached over 10 million views on their YouTube channel. With clear, vibrant diagrams and informative, straightforward explanations, they have produced videos ranging from happens in your brain when it’s high on alcohol or marijuana to the facts behind contraception. They’ve even worked with US science educator Bill Nye on asteroids hitting earth!

ASAP Science are just some of the many great scientists who’ll be presenting at IFLSLive, thanks to ScienceAlert and the Powerhouse Museum.

Support for this awesome event is provided by: the University of New South Wales, James Cook University, ANSTO and the Shell Questacon Science Circus. 

Theme songs are “P&P” by Derek K. Miller of www.penmachine.comPlease leave positive comments and reviews on iTunes and consider supporting the show via visiting – and I’d love to get your feedback via

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