The Token Skeptic won an award over at QEDCon, which is running this weekend! Here’s the speech I wrote in the highly unlikely case I won (with extra huge thanks to Hayley Stevens of for saying it and collecting the award on my behalf):
Big thank yous to the The Skeptic, The Ockhams Awards Committee and QEDCon, who considered the Token Skeptic worthy of being considered with the other great shows in the running for this prize – keeping company with them was honour enough, so please do support all of our podcasts. 
[I mean that – podcasting can be a big challenge at times, and it’s an ongoing commitment that should get some love – so kudos also to Skeptics with a “K”MonsterTalkPodDelusion and Skeprechauns. They’re tough competition!]

Extra thanks to CSI for their support and for featuring transcripts of my show on their website – and to Derek and Swoopy of the skeptical podcast Skepticality, as theirs was the first show that inspired me and supported me.
Finally, the biggest thank you is to all my listeners, subscribers, and the many awesome people who I’ve interviewed for the Token Skeptic – if you wish to congratulate me, please buy Hayley something at the restaurant after the awards. Have a great night!

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