Direct link to Episode #49 (Mp3) – On Naming Skeptical Children, 10:23 Australia And Token Skeptic In The UK.

Direct link to Episode #50 (Mp3) – On Mathematical Modeling Pitfalls – Barbara Drescher And Jennifer Ouellete.

Two episodes for the time of one! Or something like that.

One thing I hope to do is attend a lecture being held at the Anomalistic Psychology Research Unit. Naturally while at QEDCon, I’ll be presenting on a panel and talking to some wonderful people for the show – you can check out the draft schedule for QEDCon here.

Episode Forty-Nine includes the last of three final little promo-reels (thanks to QEDCon), an update on the 10:23 Campaign across Australia – and a guest appearance by Paul Caggegi – ‘On Naming Skeptical Children‘!

Episode Fifty is a special recording, with many thanks to the SkepTrack team at Dragon*Con (Derek Colanduno), Barbara Drescher and Jennifer Ouellete!

Recorded at Dragon*Con 2010 –  Mathematical Modeling Pitfalls: Models don’t always accurately reflect messy reality, particularly where human behavior is concerned. Algorithms can only mimic human behavior, and there is a lot of room for bias and error as a result.

Jennifer Ouellette is a recovering English major who stumbled into science writing quite by accident, and has been avidly exploring her inner geek ever since. She is the author of Black Bodies and Quantum Cats: Tales from the Annals of Physics and The Physics of the Buffyverse, both published by Penguin, and just published her third book, The Calculus Diaries: How Math Can Help You Lose Weight, Win in Vegas, and Survive a Zombie Outbreak. Her work has also appeared in The Washington Post, New Scientist, Discover, Salon, Symmetry, and Physics World, among other publications. For two years, she served as the director of the Science and Entertainment Exchange, an LA-based initiative of the National Academy of Sciences to foster creative collaborations between industry professionals in Hollywood and scientists. She lives in Los Angeles with a tall cosmologist named Sean. Find her on the Web at

Barbara A. Drescher is a lecturer at California State University, Northridge, and primarily teaches courses in quantitative/experimental research methods and topics in cognitive psychology. Her research interests include reasoning, decision-making, perception, visual attention and more. Some interesting research that she has either conducted or mentored include Academic Entitlement Plus Teaching To The Test: Recipe For Ignorance, The Complex Path From Color to Emotion and The Taste of Color. She lives in the greater Los Angeles area with my husband, two children, and a few pets. Her blog can be found at

This show is available on Zune, mp3 via Libsyn or iTunes. Visit – and I’d love to hear your feedback at Theme songs are ‘P&P’ by Derek K Miller of and ‘365’ by Milton Mermikides, of

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