Fixed! You may have noticed (how could you have missed…) the additional ‘background sound’ during Episode Thirty-Eight – On Skepticism And Education At Dragon*Con 2010 – Live Panel Show (direct to mp3).

JREF now has a Director of Educational Programs – what else is being done out there and how can skeptics help educate the next generation? This is the audio of the panel recorded at Dragon*Con 2010, featuring moderator DJ Grothe and panelists Barbara Drescher, Michael Blanford, Daniel Loxton, Pamela Gay, Matt Lowry and myself, Kylie Sturgess.

With a firm hand (and an annoyed expression), I’ve gone through and cut out about ten minutes of the ‘invasion’ that you can hear during the show, which stemmed from a Celtic group doing a live podcast next door at the Podcasting track room. Nothing particularly worrisome (you can hear a Skeptrack show during a podcast track show I was in), but I think we as panelists were a little too easily distracted by the ‘Hapata hapata hey!‘ and clapping.

Never mind, it’s been edited out and you can download the episode again by hitting refresh in iTunes – or just simply get Episode Thirty-Eight here (mp3).

In other news – Episode Forty is the next one out! Enjoy!

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