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Urban Legendary Ten

The Tenth Urban Legendary Show!

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Our bodies can express our identity – how we dress it, to what we put on it – is living art.

Examining this body art/modification subculture is photographer Alia Coate’s latest exhibition – The Wearers. Her subjects from both regional and metropolitan communities across Tasmania illustrate body art as a form of identity. Alia joined me to discuss The Wearers.


The Perth Freight Link is a $1.6 billion, 13 km six-lane heavy vehicle freeway that is planned for the southern suburbs, and on Tuesday, 21st July, a forum was held at the Fremantle Town hall to discuss its development.

The event, featuring MC Ben Elton, Mayors Logan Howlett and Brad Pettitt; Minister for Parliament Alannah MacTiernan and Senator Scott Ludlam – was completely sold out.

As a part of attending, I got to ask the people in the crowd for their thoughts, and spoke to some of the presenters on the night about what will be happening next. In this piece, you’ll hear Mayor Logan Howlett, Senator Scott Ludlam and MC Ben Elton; along with the music by David Lawrence and the Perth Waldorf School.


The long battle to save the Tasmanian devil from its deadly facial cancer – Tasmanian Devil Facial Tumour Disease – is set to pass a vital milestone, with the first release into the wild of immunised animals.

The 19 captive-bred devils have all responded to a trial vaccine developed by a team at the Menzies Institute for Medical Research in Hobart, who have been fighting the disease for nearly a decade.

It’s the start of what’s being called a wild devil recovery – and I spoke to immunologist Dr Ruth Pye, who is involved with the creation of this new vaccine that treats the cancerous cells in a different way.


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Music “Pushed Away” by Mitchell Gannon: https://soundcloud.com/mitchell-gannon

Ice Core Scientist: http://www.youtube.com/user/icecorescientist

Additional Voiceover by Pamela Quevillon: http://speakeasynarration.com


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