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Urban Legendary Seven

The Seventh Urban Legendary Show!

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What follows is a series of interviews, conducted by Kylie Sturgess, Tanya Bunter and Em Burrows, which all aired on RTRM and/or The Wire.

Bjørn Lomborg is the director of the Copenhagen Consensus Centre and a former director of the Environmental Assessment Institute in Copenhagen. His name hit the headlines in Australia after he was called a “climate contrarian” by most media outlets after news that it would cost $4 million to help transplant his “Copenhagen Consensus” think-tank to Australia.

Now, thanks in part to the federal government’s support, Lomborg’s centre will have a new home at the University of Western Australia. Kylie Sturgess spoke to the Vice Chancellor of UWA, Paul Johnson, for an interview that aired on April 20th on RTRM.


The UWA Student Guild Executive has called for the Professor to reject the funding and to terminate any discussions to engage the new centre. Tanya Bunter spoke to UWA Guild President Lizzie O’Shea, for an interview that aired on the 23nd April on RTRFM.


As a result of these interviews, Kylie Sturgess spoke to Climate Council Researcher Professor Will Steffan, about the press release by the Climate Council and the points raised in the previous interview conducted by Vice Chancellor of UWA, Paul Johnson.

This interview partly aired on The Wire, on the 24th April.


Finally, Em Burrows spoke to UWA Guild President Lizzie O’Shea about the resulting forum held on Friday 24 April 2015 (link to the video recording of the meeting at the UWA Academic Staff Association site) to discuss the Australian Consensus Centre establishment at UWA.

This interview aired on Tuesday, April 28th on RTRFM.


With all this talk about the future – it’s inevitable that we’re interested in the new claims of renewable energy via a new kind of battery! Elon Musk has a grand plan with his new energy scheme, with giant Powerwall home batteries for residences and small businesses.

In a Tesla energy keynote presented to the world, the man behind Tesla Model S cars is now building a vast “gigafactory” battery production plant in the Nevada desert.

It’s a project that offers the potential to go off the grid entirely. But how excited should we be? Kylie Sturgess spoke to Research and Communications Officer at the renewable energy company Infigen Energy, Ketan Joshi. This interview aired on RTRFM on the 5th May, 2015.


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Music “Pushed Away” by Mitchell Gannon: https://soundcloud.com/mitchell-gannon

Ice Core Scientist: http://www.youtube.com/user/icecorescientist

Additional Voiceover by Pamela Quevillon: http://speakeasynarration.com

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