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Token Skeptic Perth Fest And Fringe Special – Episode Three

Welcome to the third Fest and Fringe Special Episode! This year, I’m doing a number of Perth International Arts Festival and FringeWorld Interviews and I thought I’d put them together in a few podcasts. Here’s what I’ve been up to so far – feel free to suggest shows and events to tokenskeptic@gmail.com.


Life is an unexpected variety show. It’s full of mindblowing highs and soul crushing lows… so begins this one woman award-winning performance by Jenny Wynter called The Unexpected Variety Show – all about the unexpected twists in life, from unplanned pregnancy… to having your wedding disrupted by an elderly man wearing Speedoes.

The Unexpected Variety Show is happening TONIGHT AND TOMORROW – so catch it quick at the Stables as a part of FringeWorld!


A is for Adult. But when do you become one?

Joe Mooney’s The ABCs of Growing Up is about the occasionally unsettling alphabetical journey about reaching adulthood. Told over the course of 26 letters, you’ll learn things that you never knew you wanted to know. Throw out the school books, these are the lessons you should have learned a long time ago.

I spoke to Joe on RTRFM, about the show that starts tomorrow night at the Four5Nine Bar, as a part of Fringeworld.


Scarlett Belle’s Scarlet Letters is a brand new show written and performed by a international diva and Scottish sensation. It’s an intimate and dramatic tale of love, lust and adultery, where she shares her true story of a promiscuous girl’s search for love.

Although her underlying themes are serious and make you question our society today you can expect some great songs, laughs, enticing storytelling, erotica and some scantily-clad Scarlett scandal! She is self-producing this show in its Australian Premiere at the FringeWorld festival, appearing at the Noodle Palace and Midlandia from Thursday night.

Tremendous thanks to the FringeWorld Festival people and radio station RTRFM, where the second interview aired previously, especially producer Peter Barr.

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Theme songs “Cosgrove” by Pogo, from http://pogomix.net and “Leap Second” by Milton Mermikides, of www.miltonmermikides.com. Additional ambient music from Jukedeck – create your own at jukedeck.com

This episode is brought to you with thanks to Patreon supporters – they include: Steven, Andrew, Dr T, Paul, Gerry, Josh, Linley, Gold, Iggy, Kathy, Lukas, Finch and Andrew.

Thanks to everyone who contributes and please consider joining to help continue these shows at patreon.com/kyliesturgess.

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