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Episode One Hundred And Ninety – On Psychic Awareness Month – Interview With Michael Marshall

In March of this year, the UK charity Good Thinking was contacted by Mark Tilbrook.

Mark is a skeptical activist who had been planning to hand out leaflets to people on their way to attend a range of psychic shows. Both during and after the events, Mark had to deal with the threat of undue legal action and verbal/physical intimidation.

Recently the site Boing Boing reported on what this could involve:

In response, Good Thinking have organised Psychic Awareness Month.

Throughout the month of October, Good Thinking will be supporting Mark and working with skeptical groups around the country to have Mark’s leaflet handed out at psychic shows as he intended – including shows by Sally Morgan, Colin Fry, and Derek Acorah. The right to offer fair criticism and comment is a hard-fought freedom, and one they feel should be exercised.

For this interview, I spoke to Michael Marshall. Michael “Marsh” Marshall is the co-founder and vice-president of the Merseyside Skeptics Society and appears on the “Skeptics with a K” and “Be Reasonable” podcasts. Besides organising national and international campaigns against homeopathy, he writes about the often-unsuspected role of PR in modern media.

Theme songs are P&P by Derek K. Miller of www.penmachine.com and Leap Second by Milton Mermikides, of www.miltonmermikides.com, illustration by Sara Myahew.

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