Today is Don’t Be A Dick Day (aka Will Weaton’s birthday, who is well-known for being the source of the meme and also mentioned it at a convention in 2001:

In the spirit of supporting women and positively promoting people online, I’ve been working on fixing links to all the episodes of the podcast in the index – so here’s a list of some of the women who have featured on the show, with links to their sites or projects on each page.

They may be skeptics; they may also be atheists, rationalists, humanists, scientists, artists, activists and much more. All of them deserve a shout-out and your support:

Episode #127 – Dr Brooke Magnanti
Episode #125 – Bridget Gaudette
Episode #122 – Josie Schuppang, Dr Harriet Hall, Samantha Stein
Episode #119 – Siouxsie Wiles
Episode #117 – Alexa of Hoaxilla
Episode #112 – Tanya Smith
Episode #111 – Gia Milinovich And Sonya Pemberton
Episode #109 – Lyz Liddell
Episode #105 – Alison Campbell
Episode #99 – Barbara Drescher
Episode #98 – Eve Siebert
Episode #95 – Julia Lavarnway, Susan Gerbic and Desiree Schell
Episode #90 – Sharon Hill
Episode #88 – Jennifer Ouellette, Karen Miller, Viv Smythe
Episode #87 – Dr Eugenie Scott
Episode #85 – Marian Call
Episode #82 – Liz Lutgendorff
Episode #79 – Hayley Stevens
Episode #78 – Nicole Gugliucci
Episode #76 – Sara Mayhew
Episode #70 – Dr Karen Stollznow
Episode #35 – Deb Hodgkin
Episode #34 – Bec Crew
Episode #27 – Dr Pamela Gay
Episode #26 – Joey Haban
Episode #23 – Leslie Cannold
Episode #16 – Taslima Nasrin

Fellow skeptical podcasters that you might like to check out:

Alexa – Hoaxilla
Dr Karen Stollznow – Monster Talk Podcast
Liz Lutgendorff – The Pod Delusion
Dr Indre Viskontas – Point of Inquiry
Swoopy – Skepticality
Desiree Schell – Skeptically Speaking
Hayley Stevens

Finally, the Token Skeptic podcast book features eleven interviews with women, and ten with men (that’s including the one which features two men in the same interview). In the spirit of Don’t Be A Dick, let’s continue to work on being more inclusive – and happy birthday to Wil Wheaton!

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