What if no one’s watching?
What if when we’re dead
We are just dead?
What if it’s just us down here?
What if God is just an idea
Someone put in your head?
– Ani DiFranco

Alom Shaha grew up in a strict Bangladeshi Muslim community in South-East London in the 1970s and 80s. He was expected to go to mosque regularly and recite passages in Arabic from the Quran, without being told what they meant.

Alom spent his teenage years juggling two utterly different worlds: a chaotic, sometimes funny, sometimes tragic family life on a council estate, and that of a student at a privileged private school set amongst the idyllic green playing fields of Dulwich. In a charming blend of memoir, philosophy, and science, Alom explores the questions about faith and the afterlife that we all ponder, in The Young Atheist’s Handbook.

The official site for the Young Atheist’s Handbook is at http://alomshaha.com/yah.html.

Alom will be touring Australia at the end of February: Alom Shaha’s “The Young Atheist’s Handbook” tour will be heading to Perth (at the Perth Writers Festival), Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra (and possibly Sydney) – more details here.

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