Token Skeptic Zener Logo tee by tokenskeptic. Available from

Numerous Token Skeptic designs available as shirts, mugs, stickers, coasters – you name it, most likely one of the following four sites (with UK, US and Australian distributors) will feature it!

Feel free to browse all of these sites and find what suits you.

You can also see on the range on the Token Skeptic Facebook page.

They include:

Catology/Astrology – a skeptical-spin on astrology! This was inspired by one of my favorite books, Nabokov’s ‘Pale Fire’ (or more accurately, the ‘index’ of that book). Facilitated into existence via the fantastic Catherine Donaldson.

Brains, Books, Both – An idea I had about getting a ‘top 20 booklist’ for skeptics to use, turned into reality thanks to Catherine Donaldson of Faster Pussycat Productions.

Curls and Lines Token Skeptic LogoRikki B is a brilliant artist who works in advertising – you might recognise the style from her SGU shirts. Really love this one too and it was the first one I commissioned, so I’m very happy that it can be finally used!

Token Skeptic Roller Derby Logo – available in either red or purple. Designed by Gary Lyons, a Canadian artist who has done a number of wonderful designs, including the Skeptical Inquirer t-shirt. This is a bright new logo for the Token Skeptic podcast that shows your support for the show.

Head to MySoti, CafePress, Zazzle or Printfection to see the full range!

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