Download mp3 of Episode #63 – On Reaching Out Reasonably here!

Last week to give feedback via the Token Skeptic survey – merchandise from the podcast coming soon (!!!) and check me out being interviewed for the Skeptical Experience Radio Show, Episode 8 with Richard Godbehere.

Many, many thanks to the organisers of QEDCon who have allowed me to play the audio from this panel! Thanks also to Christian Weihs for the use of the photo of me with Eugenie Scott.

Moderated by Janis Bennion of the Greater Manchester Skeptics and featuring Eugenie Scott of the National Center for Science Education, Sile Lane from Sense About Science, David Kirby, Senior Lecturer in Science Communication Studies from the University of Manchester and Kylie Sturgess.

What is skeptical outreach, and how does it differ to scientific outreach? Is there any benefit to skeptical events whose focus is socialising? How much does a podcast count as outreach, and does it need to be? Should you or should you not be a Dick? And ultimately; does true skepticism require true grit?

Within the skeptical community, especially within the UK, there has been a huge amount of discussion focused around how, why and when to do skeptical outreach in the best way.

This show is available on Zune, mp3 via Libsyn or iTunes. Visit – and I’d love to get your feedback at Theme songs are ‘P&P’ by Derek K Miller of and ‘365’ by Milton Mermikides, of

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