Many thanks to Matt Rodgers for his BRILLIANT visuals and Milton Mermikides for his music in this project – ‘Little Sugar Pills – Why Choose Homeopathy?

This will also feature on the Token Skeptic podcast later, so people can use it if they like. Their wonderful creative powers have made this just beautiful and it’s been getting some great comments both online – e.g: the blog Aventures in the Fog with “I am vulnerable, not stupid” – and in person. The original audio is on the Token Skeptic podcast show.

This was made just in time for QEDCon and thanks again SO MUCH to the organisers (especially Marsh, Janis, Mike and Andy) for all their support and for such a wonderfully professional and enjoyably thought-provoking time in Manchester.

Thanks to my wonderful friend, Daniel ‘Professor Funk’ Keogh, this now features on YouTube and please check out his further work as he will be touring again this year (interview on Token Skeptic – #30 – On Science Communication, Hungry Beasts And Professor Funk – An Interview With Daniel Keogh)!

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