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Episode Forty-Eight – On Scepticisme Scientifique – An Interview With Jean-Michel Abrassart

The last episode of the year 2010! Direct mp3 here.
This is a pre-recorded interview with Jean-Michel Abrassart, who is the:

“National winner 2010′ in the European Podcast Awards (Category France / Personality – a podcast made by an individual – with the support of a professional organization or not).

Jean-Michel holds a degree in psychology and in philosophy from the Catholic University of Louvain (Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium). He is also a member of the “Comité Para”, the Belgian French-speaking skeptic organization. He did his short thesis in psychology about the sociopsychological approach of the UFO phenomena.

Episodes of his show include investigations into numerology, dowsing, the psychology of skeptics, The Belgian UFO wave and even postmodernism! It also features a great many interviews, including Pour moi, le scepticisme c’est…With eighty episodes out, there’s a fantastic range of ideas and investigations.

His site is found at Scepticisme Scientifique and he’s even got a book out! ‘Belief in the Paranormal is currently available on the site Morebooks here , and on the French Amazon site.

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