This was the third year that I worked at the ‘SkepTrack’ at Dragon*Con – lectures / panels I presented included:

Skeptically Speaking: Skeptically Speaking, the talk radio show that asks you to call in and question everything, will be airing live from the SkepTrack stage. This is now online as Episode #76, The Women of Skepticism.

Podcasting Beyond Belief: The official podcast for the Foundation Beyond Belief. This is now online at The Podcast Beyond Belief, Episode #27.

Skeptic Zone: Richard Saunders, Kylie Sturgess and Dr Rachie do their skeptical podcast live for Dragon*Con. This will be broadcast as the #100th episode of the show at the official site, at

Naturally Skeptical? The Psychology Behind Being a Skeptic: A round table discussion on the factors that do (and don’t!) contribute to becoming a questioner of the paranormal and pseudoscientific.

Skepticism and Education: JREF now has a Director of Educational Programs – what else is being done out there and how can skeptics help educate the next generation?

Women: Myths, Feminism And Skepticism: Puzzled by feminine mystique? Searching for your ‘Inner Velma’? Join investigators on gender, pop-culture and what science REALLY tells us!

Audio of some of these will be made available later this month. When I wasn’t ‘working’, I was usually blogging, attending presentations, going to the Paranormal workshop, working at the table – I was also filming some of the events (and the adventures of my friends) around the convention. Here’s the playlist of some of the activities there.

All of these are also available as downloads on iTunes as videos.

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1 Comment

  1. September 28, 2010 at 8:03 am

    Thanks for filming this! I really felt like you guys had a wonderful time. Watching stuff like this makes one wish they were a part of it. Really enjoying your videos, podblack!