Episode Thirty-Eight – On Skepticism And Education At Dragon*Con 2010 – Live Panel Show

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (57.0MB) | Embed Direct Link to mp3 of Episode Thirty-Eight of the Token Skeptic podcast. Welcome to a special release for the Token Skeptic podcast! JREF now has a Director of Educational Programs – what else is being done out there and how can skeptics help educate the next generation? This is the audio of the panel recorded at Dragon*Con 2010, featuring moderator DJ Grothe and panelists Barbara... Read More

Episode Nineteen – On Skepticism And Education (Interview With JREF’s Michael Blanford)

Thanks to everyone who commented on the last episode, ‘On The Placebo Protest – Skepticism Communication Part Three’ - particularly the Digital Cuttlefish for writing in verse and Gold from the NZ Skeptics and Greg Laden. This is Episode 19 – On Skepticism and Education – and I’m getting back into the swing of things by working on today to release the final two missing episodes AND the required ‘one episode... Read More