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Episode Two Hundred And Twenty Five – March For Science – Perth, WA

The March For Science is an international phenomenon – a stand for solidarity, for education, for inclusivity and for diversity in the field and for the importance of science to be understood and promoted by not just scientists, but policy makers and the public.

Here are some vox pops and speeches from the rally that was held at the Perth March for Science on the 22nd April, 2017, at Forrest Chase, Perth, Western Australia. Many thanks to all the organisers and the participants.

  • MC for the day – Callum Ormonde – UWA Chemistry and Biochemistry – winner of Ig Nobel Prize for Chemistry for partially unboiling an egg
  • March for Science organiser Kristin Barry
  • Trent Burton of Cosmic Shambles
  • Professor Lindy Fitzgerald – neurotrauma specialist
  • Professor Phil Bland – planetary scientist
  • Toby Brown – Astrophysicist
  • Suzy Urbaniak – educator and 2016 Prime Minister’s Prize winner for Excellence in Science
  • Peter Derbyshire – zoology
  • Professor Lyn Beazley AO


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