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Urban Legendary Seventeen

The Seventeenth Urban Legendary Show!

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What follows are interviews, conducted by Kylie Sturgess, which have featured on RTRFM.


Nominated for an Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film, Embrace of the Serpent is a dreamlike tale of Amazonian adventure.

In 1909, German scientist Theodor Koch-Grunberg travelled down the Amazon to learn about its people and search for a fabled healing plant. Thirty years later, American Richard Evans Schultes tried to repeat the research.

Embrace of the Serpent is a poetic, philosophical and even trance-like journey through time and space – and screened as a part of the Perth International Arts Festival. I spoke to the director of Embrace the Serpent, Cirro Guerra. 


Riley Moriarty and Meghan Philpott made a name for themselves after making the final six in the youth standard field of the Australian Open Championships in 2015.

The two young West Australians have been chosen to represent Australia in the World Ballroom Championships to be held in Japan in July.

I spoke to them both about what got them into ballroom dancing and their journey so far.


Desert-dwelling Tucson duo Calexico were founded in 1996, by songwriter Joey Burns and percussionist John Convertino.

Since the release of their atmospheric debut album Spoke in 1997, they’ve gone a long way, expanding as a band, both in sound and personnel, taking to frequent collaborations. Their latest album, Edge of the Sun came out last year – and Joey Burns of Calexico spoke to me at the start of their Australian tour.



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Music “Pushed Away” by Mitchell Gannon: https://soundcloud.com/mitchell-gannon

Ice Core Scientist: http://www.youtube.com/user/icecorescientist

Additional ambient music from Jukedeck – create your own at jukedeck.com

Additional Voiceover by Pamela Quevillon: http://speakeasynarration.com


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