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Token Skeptic Perth Fest And Fringe Special – Episode Two

Welcome to the second Fest and Fringe Special Episode! This year, I’m doing a number of Perth International Arts Festival and FringeWorld Interviews and I thought I’d put them together in a few podcasts. Here’s what I’ve been up to so far – feel free to suggest shows and events to tokenskeptic@gmail.com.


The Perth Writers Festival is back for another year, bringing with it inspiring writers and thinkers from around the world. The festival will be running from February 19 – 21, where you can catch workshops and panels featuring a strong food focus.

I spoke to Katherine Dorrington, the festival’s program manager, to discuss this year’s exciting ‘paddock to print‘ line-up and much more.


Western Australia’s hottest young playwrights, Gita Bezard and Will O’Mahony are offering insights into the lengths some go to for friendship and the chance at a new life.

As is often the case in art, these plays are also asking the question – what would you do? The two productions are under the Loaded label, currently showing at the studio underground at the State Theatre. I had the chance to catch both plays, called “Girl Shut Your Mouth” and “Tonsils and Tweezers”.

I spoke to Stephanie Panozzo from “Girl Shut Your Mouth” and Hoa Xuande from “Tonsils and Tweezers”.


Tremendous thanks to the FringeWorld Festival people, the Perth International Arts Festival and radio station RTRFM, where these interviews aired previously, especially producer Peter Barr.

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Theme songs “Cosgrove” by Pogo, from http://pogomix.net and “Leap Second” by Milton Mermikides, of www.miltonmermikides.com. Additional ambient music from Jukedeck – create your own at jukedeck.com

This episode is brought to you with thanks to Patreon supporters – they include: Steven, Andrew, Dr T, Paul, Gerry, Josh, Linley, Gold, Iggy, Kathy, Lukas, Finch and Andrew.

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