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Urban Legendary Nine

The Ninth Urban Legendary Show!

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What follows is a series of interviews, conducted by Kylie Sturgess, which aired on RTRM.

“A young, beautiful woman is given the terrible news she has inoperable brain cancer and only four months to live. Belle Gibson is courageous – she tries chemotherapy and radiotherapy before turning to alternative medicine to battle the disease. Thankfully it seems to work and she tells the world through social media, encouraging others to try the same. It’s a truly inspiring story.” – Belle Gibson – The Whole Hoax, 60 Minutes


Belle Gibson was recently interviewed on Australia’s 60 Minutes program, about the claims she had made about treating her terminal brain cancer with wholefoods. Her book The Whole Pantry, is still available for sale at some bookstores, although the app and new editions are no longer being produced. Yet with the realisation that Belle was not honest about her experiences, will this mean a greater skepticism towards the “wellness industry”?

I spoke to Dr Darren Saunders, a cancer biologist at the Kinghorn Cancer Centre, Garvan Institute of Medical Research and Senior Lecturer in Medicine at the University of NSW in Sydney, and to Dr Ranjana Srivastava, a medical oncologist and author based in Melbourne and the award-winning author of So It’s Cancer, Now What?


For those of you into arts of the geeky sort, you may have sewn your costume and brought all your dvds to be signed – it was Supanova weekend! Many cosplayers and fans of the nerdery appeared at the event, and along with dozens of stars of the silver screen were some of the voices behind much loved cartoon characters.

During the week of the event I interviewed voice artists Eric Stuart and Veronica Taylor, and talked to representatives of The West Lodge, Perth Browncoats and the local branch of the 501st Legion.


Jack Scanlan has been the maestro-in-charge over at the Young Australian Skeptics site for a number of years now, and there’s a new science project that is seeking your help!

Lateral is an online magazine focused on the interaction of science with wider human society, including medicine, the media, philosophy, law, education, history, politics, art, culture, and more. Through publication, it will soon create paid opportunities for up-and-coming young science communicators and artists, and engage a wide audience with the ideas and value of science.

In other words, Lateral is a great, free science magazine that everyone can enjoy, put together by the next generation of scientific and creative minds, launching in early August. Interested?

Find out more and support at https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/lateral-magazine/


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Music “Pushed Away” by Mitchell Gannon: https://soundcloud.com/mitchell-gannon

Ice Core Scientist: http://www.youtube.com/user/icecorescientist

Additional Voiceover by Pamela Quevillon: http://speakeasynarration.com

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