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Episode One Hundred And Eighty Seven – On The Society For Science Based Healthcare

SSBHCIt’s been a while! But with this episode comes a new-look website – so check it out at tokenskeptic.org, with huge thanks to Faster Pussycat Productions!

The Society for Science Based Healthcare believes that a strong basis in rigorous science is a necessary prerequisite for providing safe and effective healthcare. Decisions regarding public funding of healthcare in New Zealand should therefore be science based. The society support public health measures that have a clear basis in science and evidence, and oppose those that do not.

For this interview, I speak to Mark Honeychurch and Mark Hanna. You can find the site for the Society for Science Based Healthcare at http://sbh.org.nz.

Mark Honeychurch is a Wellington based skeptic and consumer advocate. He is the Chair of the NZ Skeptics Society and a member of the Humanist Society Council. Mark started the Wellington based Skeptical Activism group in 2013 (part of Skeptics in the Pub), and can also be heard on the Skepticism Today podcast.

Mark Hanna is web developer based in Auckland with a keen interest in scientific scepticism and healthcare. In the two years prior to co-founding the Society for Science Based Healthcare, he lodged over 50 complaints with the Advertising Standards Authority regarding unsubstantiated therapeutic claims, practically all of which were met with success. Mark also writes at Honest Universe, and you can find him on Twitter at @HonestUniverse.

Theme songs are P&P by Derek K. Miller of www.penmachine.com and Leap Second by Milton Mermikides, of www.miltonmermikides.com.

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