Token Skeptic Special Episode – On The End Of 2012 With Doubtful News

A special final episode for 2012! This includes a round-up of the year with Sharon Hill of Doubtful News and a summary of suggested movies, documentaries and books that I read this year. The full list can be found at My 2012 Reading And Viewing (And Event-Going) In Review.

Doubtful News is a unique news feed providing links to original sources of internet news stories about things that make you go “Hmm…”  News is pulled from a wide range of sources including paranormal and anti-science sources. Categories of news include: alt med/anti-vax, cryptozoology, hauntings, paranormal, UFOs, psychics, questionable claims, superstition, and money-making schemes, among others. Information about paranormal and skeptic personalities is also included, good news and bad.

Head to to keep in touch with everything worth taking a skeptical look at – and put it on your New Year Resolutions to subscribe (and donate!) in 2013.

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