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Episode One Hundred And Forty Three – On How an Atheist Found Common Ground With the Religious – Interview With Chris Stedman

In Faitheist: How an Atheist Found Common Ground With the Religious, Chris Stedman draws on his work organizing interfaith and secular communities, his academic study of religion, and his own experiences to argue for the necessity of bridging the growing chasm between atheists and the religious. As someone who has stood on both sides of the divide, Stedman is uniquely positioned to present a way for atheists and the religious to find common ground and work together to make this world—the one world we can all agree on—a better place.

A full transcript of this interview is available at www.freethoughtblogs.com/tokenskeptic

Music used in this episode, “Entwined” by Tim McMorris. Theme songs are“P&P” by Derek K. Miller of www.penmachine.com and “Leap Second” by Milton Mermikides, of www.miltonmermikides.com.

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