Godless Parenting: What Do You Do To Bring Up God-Free Children?
Available on YouTube and via iTunes:

Features Dan Fincke, PZ Myers, Ophelia Benson and Russell Glaser, with Kylie Sturgess as the host.

Big thanks to Digital Cuttlefish and Taslima Nasrin for contributing via email; apologies to everyone (especially Al Stefanelli!) who couldn’t join.

Books and sites mentioned – science and skeptic parenting books:

  • Junior Skeptic insert in the Skeptic Magazine.
  • Really Really Big Questions About Faith — Julian Baggini
  • Evolution: How We And All Living Things Came To Be — Daniel Loxton
  • Parenting Beyond Belief – Dale McGowan
  • Raising Freethinkers: A Practical Guide for Parenting Beyond Belief – Dale McGowan
  • The Young Atheist’s Handbook — Alom Shaha
  • The Book of Rachael — Leslie Cannold
  • Maybe Yes, Maybe No — Dan Barker
  • Camp Quest
  • Foundation Beyond Belief

Blogpost with more details at the Token Skeptic blog at:

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