Once again, this special episode is brought to you with many thanks to the 2011 Dragon*Con Skeptrack –Derek Colanduno of Skepticality.com and Mark Ditzler at Abrupt Media.

From challenging anti-vax groups and homeopathy, to consumer awareness raising. What can skeptics do and how to get it right, by doing some research.

Tremendous gratitude, once again, to the moderator of this panel and host of Skeptically Speaking – Desiree Schell. This episode features DJ Grothe of the JREF, Debbie Goddard, Maria Walters, Brian Brushwood and Kylie Sturgess.

Episode ninety-seven is dedicated to all of the supporters of the Token Skeptic podcast – thanks for donating to the show! A review of the panel can be found at ICBS Everywhere, with many thanks to Barbara Drescher. No thanks to the special guest appearance by my cat at the start of the show.

The Token Skeptic Blog – now on FreeThought Blogs, one of the most popular online Atheist blogging networks. http://freethoughtblogs.com/tokenskeptic.

This show is available on Zune, mp3 via Libsyn or iTunes. Visit www.tokenskeptic.org – and I’d love to get your feedback at tokenskeptic@gmail.com. Theme songs are “P&P” by Derek K Miller of www.penmachine.com and “Leap Second” by Milton Mermikides, of  www.miltonmermikides.com. Please considering supporting the show via visiting Tokenskeptic.

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