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Episode Eighty-Six – On The Freethought University Alliance At The Global Atheist Convention – Jason Ball

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For Episode Eighty-Six, I’m interviewing Jason Ball – he serves on the Rationalist Society of Australia Committee, is the President of the Freethought University Alliance and is a spokesperson for the Atheist Foundation of Australia and an organiser for the Global Atheist Convention. You can also hear him on the Young Australian Skeptics podcast, The Pseudoscientists!

We talk about the forthcoming Global Atheist Convention, the Global Atheist Fringe and the scholarships available for Secondary and Tertiary students. Deadline for Secondary students is: Thursday, 17th November.

A Student Leadership Conference will be held on the eve of the Global Atheist Convention, at the Melbourne Convention Exhibition Centre on April 13, 2012. Find out more at the and sign onto the AFA Forums for all the latest news, tips for accommodation and networking with other atheists before the convention begins in April 13-15th 2012!

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