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Episode Eighty-One – On These Are The Ways The World Will End – Dragon*Con Panel

From a global pandemic to the Hadron super-collider… have some fun as our panel rips into the latest world-enders and answers your questions about why we are probably safe (for now).

With many, many, MANY thanks to the Skeptrack – Derek Colanduno of Skepticality.com and Mark Ditzler at Abrupt Media.

From the 2011 Skeptrack at Dragon*Con – blogpost features at www.podblack.com about the panel in its entirety. In order, it’s Scott Sigler, Dr Pamela Gay, Dr John Cmar, Dr Phil Plait, Dr Ali Khan, Taylor Proctor and I don’t know who the moderator is (sorry!).

This is the link for the live-blogged post I did during the panel, at Podblack.com.

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