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Episode Eighty – On Paranormal Belief In Queensland – The Truth Told By Dr Martin Bridgstock

Recorded at the New Zealand Skeptic Convention in Christchurch, 27th August 2011.

QEDCon! More information available at http://qedcon.org.

Until recently, Queensland was regarded as the hillbilly state of Australia. It was dominated by fundamentalism and flirted with bogus cancer cures and creation science. After determined action by skeptics, and some major political convulsions, the state has changed completely. Still, the question remains: how much of the early sentiments remain in Queensland today? In this presentation Martin Bridgstock tells of how he and Kylie Sturgess surveyed a representative sample of over 1200 Queenslanders, to investigate their paranormal and related beliefs. The results are quite startling, and give a comprehensive picture of exactly what Queenslanders believe.

Dr Martin Bridgstock’s book, Beyond Belief: Skepticism, Science and the Paranormal is available through Cambridge University Press.

Many, many thanks to Gold, Vicki Hyde, the New Zealand Skeptics, the fantastic people I met at the conference and (of course) the ever-wonderful Dr Martin Bridgstock.

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