Download/view the vodcast as an mp4 here!

This episode, due to the length of time it takes to play, is currently only available by downloading the show, but I’ll see about getting a 15 min version on YouTube later.

Many thanks again to QEDCon, the Greater Manchester and the Mersyside Skeptics!

Featured briefly in this film and with many, many thanks – the fantastic backstage crew of QEDCon (including Janis, Marsh, Mike, Rick and Andy). The Tim Tam biscuits were thanks to Catherine Donaldson of Faster Pussycat Productions.

Presenters and acts include: George Hrab, Bruce Hood, Milton Mermikides, the Dalek, Chris French, Hayley Stevens and Trystan Swale, Jon Ronson, Andy Wilson, Michael Marshall and Steve Novella, James O’Malley, Helen Keene, Matt Parker, Colin Wright and Wendy Grossman.

Full list of acts and schedule feature at

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  1. February 25, 2011 at 11:40 pm

    […] Following on from the Q.E.D conference held in Manchester at the beginning of February, the lovely Kylie Sturgess (who I actually got to meet at QED) has recently published a video that contains snippets from the weekend (including a bit from the Ghost Investigations Today panel that I sat on). It’s a great overview of the weekend and it really brings it all back. You can watch the video here, it’s well worth it even if you didn’t attend. […]