SORRY ABOUT TECHNICAL GLITCHES! Direct download of Episode 51 here (mp3)!

Episode Fifty-One and I have a few little notices for people before we get underway!

Firstly thanks again to people who are donating to the Token Skeptic show; it does help out as this is the only podcast I’m going to be regularly doing in 2011, with occasional submissions to the Young Australian Skeptics podcast, The Pseudo Scientists. So, if you want to hear me, subscribe to both!

Speaking of that show – they interviewed me and feature it on their latest episode, from a recording done at TAMOz! Episode 27 of The Pseudo Scientists can be found here.

I briefly talk about things like ‘activism beyond current skeptical activism trends like blogging and podcasting’ and it was all recorded at the Amazing Meeting Australia – which does seem a very long time ago now. Do check out their work as they have a LOT of audio to present to you all from that conference, still under wraps.

However, on the horizon is the 10:23 Campaign in Australia and I’ll have a special episode released later this week about that. On Monday, 17th January, Australia launched its activism plans, which will include Sydney, Melbourne, Geelong, Launceston, Canberra, Perth and – thankfully, despite all the troubles and tragedy with the horrific flooding in that region – Brisbane.

I’m very proud of all the people taking part and hope that it will be socially rewarding as well as having a measurable impact upon attitudes and legislation about the practice of homeopathy.

But first, here’s this week’s regular show! Brad Newsome is a Melbourne journalist who often wonders why people believe weird things – which has led him to write the Sceptic Science entries for the National Times, which is syndicated across The Brisbane Times, Sydney Morning Herald, The Age and WA Today.

I was very honored to be interviewed by his column on the topic of women and belief in the paranormal, which has gained over a hundred comments and discussions since its publication. Supporting good journalism is of interest to everybody, which is why I took the opportunity to talk to Brad about how and why he came to be a sceptic (with a ‘c’)!

Check out the Sceptic Science column in the online site at

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