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Episode Forty-Five – On Women, Myths, Feminism and Skepticism – Live Dragon*Con Panel

Direct Link to mp3 here!

The following is taken from one of the Dragon*Con panels:

Women: Myths, Feminism And SkepticismPuzzled by feminine mystique? Still searching for your ‘inner Velma’? Attend this panel by a range of experienced investigators on the topics of gender, pop-culture and what science REALLY tells us! Desiree Schell, Barbara Drescher, Donna Mugavero, K.O. Myers, Brian Gregory, Melissa Kaercher and Kylie Sturgess.

Once again, really big thanks to Derek Colanduno and his team at the SkepTrack at Dragon*Con.

Additional thanks to David Price for taking a photo of us all on the panel!

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