A very special episode for number thirty-three – this is thanks to Warren Bonett of the Embiggen Books bookstore!

Over the past ten years, Craig Reid has been working on coral reefs as a diver, educator, researcher and underwater photographer. Coral Reefs and Climate Change, his first publication as principle author, is the culmination of more than five years of work with the Coral Watch team at the University of Queensland. He spoke at the Embiggen Bookstore (http://embiggenbooks.com) on Saturday, 3rd July, and this is an exclusive interview he gave to Warren afterwards.

The book, Coral Reefs and Climate Change: the guide for education and awareness by Craig Reid, Justin Marshall, Dave Logan and Diana Kleine for Coralwatch at the University of Queensland, is available via this link.

Don’t forget that Australia’s Science Week is coming up very soon – Embiggen Books in conjunction with The Queensland Brain Institute is bringing cutting edge neuroscience to the people of the Sunshine Coast from the 13-14 August, 2010. More details about that event and much more, at the Embiggen Books blog!

This show is available on Zune, mp3 via Libsyn or iTunes. Visit www.tokenskeptic.org – I’d love to hear your feedback at  tokenskeptic@gmail.com. Theme songs are ‘P&P’ by Derek K Miller of www.penmachine.com and ‘365’ by Milton Mermikides, at  www.miltonmermikides.com.

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