Once In A Blue Moon Champagne Cocktail And Mocktail

I should point out, readers, that I do not drink alcohol. However, this was found and hails from a time long, long ago. Should auld acquaintance, et al. Those who do drink – might enjoy this. I do the ‘mocktail’ version.

If you’d like to know more about the origins of ‘blue moons’ (and the mythology), then you should read the Bad Astronomer on the subject, at ‘2009 says goodbye with a non-blue lunar eclipse‘.

Ingredients (serves two to three)

1 dose of vodka  – substitute bitter lemon soda or lime soda  for mocktail
1 / 4 of a lemon juice
2-3 drops of triple sec – substitute orange zest
2-3 drops Blue Curacao liqueur – substitute splash of blueberry juice, blackberry juice or even blue food colouring
champagne – substitute soda water.

Shaker, ice and flutes.


Mix all ingredients except champagne / soda water in a shaker with ice; put in flute glass and fill remainder with champagne

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